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10 Characteristics Of True Love According To The Bible


If you want to know and understand what true love really is, here are 10 signs, qualities or characteristics of a genuine love according to the verses in the Holy Bible.

1. Love is patient: True love can tolerate pain or suffering without complaining or getting angry.

2. Love is kind: True love has a gentle, caring and compassionate heart. It feels your sorrow; it feels your joy.

3. Love is not envious: True love is content and thankful of its blessings and current possessions. It doesn’t envy other people.

4. Love is respectful: True love respects and honors you as a person. It doesn’t put you into shame or humiliation.

5. Love is selfless: True love is always thoughtful and concerned of the welfare of its beloved. It’s not selfish, inconsiderate, and greedy.

6. Love is calm: True love always maintains clarity of mind and softness of heart. Its heart is deep and its mind is not narrow.

7. Love is righteous: True love always does the right thing. It disciplines itself to avoid wrongdoings.

8. Love is honest: True love is truthful. It’s happy living an honest life. It doesn’t lie and hide in darkness.

“Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.” – 1 Corinthians 13:6

9. Love protects: True love always protects you and wants you to be safe.

10. Love is trusting: True love trusts. It relies and depends on you. It recognizes your abilities, talents, skills and the good things in you.



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