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Linda Ikeji’s billionaire baby daddy, Sholaye Jeremi, gives mum most expensive birthday surprise


Linda Ikeji’s baby daddy, Sholaye Jeremi who has been mum since his son, Jayce Jeremy was birth, is presently making headlines for surprising his mum recently in the most beautiful way.

You will recall that the blogger was dumped by the billionaire business man, shortly after she became pregnant for him.

”The father of my child is a single man and his name is Sholaye Jeremi... I met him 3 years ago at Wheatbaker Restaurant in Ikoyi in December 2015 shortly after I moved to my home in Banana Island, Ikoyi. It was a day after Christmas and I was having dinner with friends when he walked in. He saw me and the rest is history.….

Then I fell pregnant. It wasn’t planned, it just happened; though we talked about having a child together just two months before I fell pregnant. He said something about putting a billionaire baby inside me and I remember jokingly telling him that I’m also a billionaire so our child was going to be a billionaire on both side…and we laughed.

But after I fell pregnant, things became extremely weird between us.…. Around when I was about three months pregnant, he did come to see my parents and actually became very cool with my dad. They were literally exchanging Whatsapp messages every day. He later agreed to a traditional wedding which he didn’t follow through and then he switched. He began to treat me with so much hate and aggression that I and my family had to cut him off completely..” Linda had revealed

Well, Sholaye got his mum a 2020 Jaguar for her birthday today in Sapele, Delta state. It is valued at around N20million.



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