3 Nigerian Celebrities Who Have Admitted To Contracting STDs/STI

Over the years we have read stories of some celebrities admitting to having contracted STDs via their then partners.

Here are 3 Nigerian celebrities that have openly admitted to having contracted STDs.

Tonto Dikeh

The actress during an exclusive interview opened up on the sad state of her damaged marriage saying her then-husband Oladunni Churchill infected her with several STDs which she kept from the public. In Tonto’s words;

“Nobody knows how many STDs I have treated or pain I know in marriage. If laughter is all they have then the karma that bites me awaits them all.

Thank for your love. Yes, no marriage is perfect but mine was based on gross lies deceit, scam, and much more darkness.
I loved the man no one begged me to, I take all the blame.”

The actress also claimed her ex was sexually incapable of satisfying her as well as violent. The marriage produced a son, King.

Toke Makinwa

Following the end of media personality Toke Makinwa’s marriage to her husband’s fitness guru Maje Ayida, the OAP/Vlogger released a book ‘Unbecoming’ where she shared so many details about her marriage. According to Toke, Maje had returned from a trip and they had had sex which turned out to him infecting her with an STI.

“He had given me an STI in the past. He’d returned from a trip once and we had sex, and a few days later I was itching.

I went to the doctors and they prescribed medication, but when I asked Maje about the infection he denied knowing anything about it. I went through his phone and saw a conversation with Anita where she complained that she had been itching.

This wasn’t news to Maje, more like an update that she was giving him on a situation that he already knew about.
He asked her what the doctor’s report said and what was prescribed.

I knew I would be putting myself at risk if I closed my eyes to whatever he chose to do on the side. So I went back to putting all my attention into my work.”

Tobi Bakre

The 2018 BBNaija housemate opened up on contracting an STD, gonorrhea, at 17. According to Tobi, he became sexually active at the age of 12 and not long after he started having sex, he stopped using condoms.

Tobi went on to say he kept at this until he turned 17 and got a call from one of his sexual partners to go check himself as he had infected her with an STD.
The reality TV star said he was so afraid to speak with his family doctor, in turn, worsening his case until he could no longer hide it and had to go see the doctor who gave him proper treatment for months.

“I was ashamed to let my family doctor know and so I resorted to quack doctors, which worsened my situation. I eventually opened up to my family doctor and I got proper treatment for months. Since then, I always ensured to use protection during sex.”

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