DCI Vera Stanhope, along with Kenny Doughty in Vera. Picture: Supplied

The much loved British series, “Vera” returns to ITV Choice on Wednesday, January 22 with four new feature length episodes. 

The 10 season of the acclaimed drama sees the return of the unorthodox DCI Vera Stanhope, along with Kenny Doughty who plays Detective Sergeant Aiden Healy.

We caught up with Doughty for a chat on his career and what we can expect in the upcoming season.

Kenny Doughty. Picture: Supplied

Why did you choose acting?

I was brought up by my mum, and was bullied at school. One of the things I did to overcome it was get myself into the school play and later I got into the Manchester Youth Theatre which my mum discovered. During my time there I met this amazing guy who became a mentor. He gave me so much encouragement. I didn’t realise I could do this until I met him and once I’d locked on to that at 16 that was my main ambition and focus.

Where do you find inspiration?