5 Times Linda Ejiofor & Ibrahim Suleiman Proved they’re the Perfect Quarantine Couple

Honestly, we just really enjoy seeing the two of them together. We promise you, you can’t scroll through the timelines of actors Linda Ejiofor and Ibrahim Suleiman, both on Twitter and Instagram, without smiling all through. They’re so perfect together.

And we want to share this perfection with you.

Through this lockdown, the couple has been quarantined alone, and this alone time has birthed a lot of shenanigans they’ve shared on their social media.

See all the shenanigans for yourself, and see if you you don’t wear a smile all through.

The time they played the TikTok couple game (and we learned Linda is grumpy in the mornings)

The time Linda gave Ibrahim facials (and he kept grumbling)

The time Linda wanted to use Ibrahim as houseboy (and he caught her scope)

The time Ibrahim did some weird dance (and Linda hyped him all through)

And the throwback to Linda’s birthday in 2019 (when they played balloon volleyball [and Ibrahim cheated])

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