A Glamour Guide to the perfect beach picnic

Heat, sun, friends and fun on the beach is all we’re looking forward to this Summer.

But staying well hydrated and fed and doing it seamlessly at the beach can be a bit tricky at times. Pura Beverage Company have shared five handy suggestions to get your cooler box beach-ready that is well-planned and nourishing. Take a look at it below.


1.Wrap it up

Wraps trump sandwiches when it comes to the beach. They’re easy to make and all the ingredients are safely coiled up on the inside, well protected from the elements. Even better, they can also be eaten with one hand and can literally be filled with any ingredient under the sun.


2.Stick out

Skewers were made for beach eating! They’re hands-free, utensil-free and fit perfectly into Tupperware containers for easy carrying. They’re also super fun to make and to eat, and even better, you can add anything you want to them. Choose from fruit, veggies and meat – or even a tasty combination.


3. Stay refreshed

Hydration is key at the beach, so it’s imperative that you pack lots of water to drink. But refreshment and enjoyment are just as important, so be sure to balance your cooler box with something tasty like Pura Soda – a low sugar, better-for-you soda alternative.


4. Be a good egg

Nothing could be easier to make or more painless to transport than a good old boiled egg. They’re healthy, delicious warm or cold and you can devour them in just a few bites. Just remember to pre-peel your eggs, de-shelling is not a beach activity.


5.Raise the bar

No beach day is complete without something sweet! So be sure to pack in some homemade treat bars to end off your delicious beach feast. Opt for healthy ingredients like nuts, oats and dates, as these are not only yummy but enjoyable both cold and warm.

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