Ari Lennox Vows to Never Get Plastic Surgery After Being Told She Needs a Nose Job

Calling her critics ‘disgusting,’ the Washington D.C. singer then points out that ‘there are black babies that have insecurities cause culture says it’s funny to insult black features.

‘Ari Lennox doesn’t take criticism about her own body. Instead, the singer is getting so tired and sick of it whenever she hears people telling her that she needs to get her nose done. Being told such things, it only makes her distance herself further from the cosmetic surgery. Ari Lennox

Taking to Twitter to address the criticism, Ari said, “How many times will y’all come for my black nose? It will never tf go anywhere. Y’all are disgusting and the reason people self medicate and get surgery. Just f***ing stop.” She then vowed that she would never “get surgery” because she loves her nose so much.

Of why she decided to talk about the issue, the Washington D.C. native wrote, “I just feel this is a conversation that needs to be had. There are black babies that have insecurities cause culture says it’s funny to insult black features.”

Many people complimented Ari for speaking out about it. was among them, writing, “I happen to think your black nose is amazingly beautiful and your beautiful skin and your beautiful hair & your natural body. You are stunning inside out sis F THEM.” In response, Ari said, “Love you sis Thank you.”

Meanwhile, a fan complimented Ari on her appearance and told her to disregard the negativity, to which she replied, “It’s not easy to ignore, I feel it’s a conversation that needs to be had. Thank you for your sweet words.”

This isn’t the first time Ari talks about this issue. In an interview with Buzz Feed back in August, she revealed that “rocking my natural nose, hair and skin” makes her “feel so empowered.” She then elaborated, “Because there’s so many people out there that would rather me not do that. I refuse to change for them. Knowing that I can encourage someone else to rock their natural self really empowers me as well.”

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