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Arrest Police boss who charged at Governor Sonko with kicks

I don’t agree with Sonko on many things but I wouldn’t hail the police, especially the Coast Regional boss (guy in the new blue uniform) for acting so violently against the governor during the arrest.

How do you go charging at a man restrained by a dozen men and is already handcuffed with kicks and blows? Whatever the insult or action Sonko might have done, the officer’s station in life and service demanded better of him. As a leader of men, that was a low of him.

He can claim he was spat on, insulted or bitten but that doesn’t erase the fact that his conduct is less honorable for a leader of men who pack fire, a leader of men who drive kinetics.

That aside, isn’t in interesting that people who broke the internet with protests and tales of police brutality during the last elections are celebrating the officer? We are a special breed of people, a wrong is only so if it’s against us – but it is okay if it’s someone else (especially those we are opposed to politically) on the receiving end.

At the core of justice and the rule of law are these values:impartiality, consistency, Standing, and trust. It doesn’t matter to whom it applies to, because injustice to anyone, is injustice to all of us. If it doesn’t stop at the first instance, it will not stop at all.

Stockholm Syndrome is real.

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