Doc MacLean. Picture: Supplied

Following a successful one month tour in Cape Town, Canadian Blues legend and guitarist Doc MacLean is headed to Joburg and Pretoria. MacLean’s fourth South African tour, N’ganga, saw him perform to thousands of fans in South Africa. 

Besides “telling songs and singing stories”, Maclean will also be mentoring up-and-coming musicians and will present guitar workshops, something he’s passionate about.

In conversation with MacLean, the Blues star, talks about reasons that keep him coming back to South Africa, which include his love for the country, its people, the music, the food and the talent inspires him as a musician.

“The bar is set high for the arts here. South African writers have got to provide content in their work. Everybody’s got a story and they wear it on their sleeve,” says MacLean.

 He adds: “I’m a storyteller. I do everything from theatre shows to the little workshops in the townships, to mentoring South African musicians on how to do business. I guess part of why I keep coming here is that I’ve really experienced the big hug, South Africa.”