How to End Racism with Chester Missing is now on at the Alexander Bar and Theatre.
Cape Town – Having switched his black blazer and red tie with a jacket that makes him look like a barista, Chester Missing would like a word with his audience.

This chat will be facilitated by the man behind the puppet, ventriloquist Conrad Koch, as he takes a deep dive into white, privileged South African culture.

Following the successful tour of their last show Puppet Guy, Koch and his rubber associate will return to Cape Town to kick-start 2020 and the first season of the new Courtyard Playhouse at the Alexander Bar.

Titled How to End Racism, the new show marks a significant departure from Koch’s usual serving of comedy, as it aims to tackle a specific subject.

“I’ve never done a show that talks exclusively on race,” he enthusiastically explained. “As a white guy, you have to start with yourself.