Axed eNCA news director Kanthan Pillay.

No matter how many the times SA’s media keeps donning rose-coloured glasses, to see a conflict-free and blameless image of itself, intermittent unsavoury episodes on its part point to a fraternity bereft of ability for critical reflection. 

Obviously unaware of one of Isaac Newton’s laws of motion to the effect that to every action there an equal and opposite reaction, the media has found the Economic Freedom Fighters’ (EFF) inability to turn the other cheek unforgivable.  

Adversarial encounters between the media and the EFF were set to reach boiling point at its 2nd National Peoples’ Assembly (NPA) of 13-16 December 2019 at Nasrec. That eNCA head of news Kanthan Pillay was himself founding head of the Purple Cow Party contesting the May 2019 general elections six months earlier, ending coverage of the EFF’s NPA was not going to elicit a chorus of hallelujahs.