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Kanthan Pillay, the founding leader of the Capitalist Party of South Africa (ZACP), who currently moonlights as an enforcer at eNCA is trending for his nasty treatment of former eNCA senior journalist Samkele Maseko. The country is still coming to terms with the heartless actions of Pillay who literally threatened Maseko as a worker with no rights at all.

That’s capitalism for you. Not long ago it gave us the Marikana massacre. It’s an evil system. I’m not surprised at all that Pillay has been outed as a nasty bully. I have personally experienced his anti-black behavior. 

Pillay shocked South Africans when he openly agitated for capitalism in the last elections. At first, many thought that he was clowning about with his purple cow. 

No he was not joking, despite the fact that supporting capitalism means approval of slavery, colonialism, apartheid and white supremacy. Basically, his conduct shows his ideological approval of hatred againt black people.

I formed the opinion that Pillay hated black people by virtue of his political ideology. 

I however did not think that he is a nasty human being; after all some agents of capitalism are charming in person. Trust me, Pillay hates Africans. That’s the firm impression that I was left with after an encounter with him at the Independent Electoral Commission’s function held earlier in the year in Centurion.

Because of the alphabetical order arrangement, I ended up sitting next to Pillay in a row of representatives of political parties. I didn’t greet or acknowledge him. I do not pretend to be cordial with my ideological opponents. 

The chairs were arranged in such a way that we were sitting fairly close to each other. At one point, suddenly and without warning, Pillay pounced on me. He grabbed me close to his body, holding a phone up with one hand to take a selfie. To say I was angered by his violation, is an understatement.

Pillay thinks that Africans are things. He has no respect for us at all. He made fun of the incident and also tried to humiliate me when I protested. I told him that his attitude towards Africans was like that of the anti-black white-loving Mahatma Gandhi, who fought tooth and nail not to be treated like Africans who he liberally called by the K-word. 

Of course, at the time I didn’t know how spot on I was. A tweet has since emerged where Pillay, like Ghandi, seems to derive demented and sadistic pleasure from throwing this hurtful word around. The K-word was reserved for Africans historically. Only an insensitive sadistic hater would find the word amusing.

From my personal encounter with Pillay, I’m not surprised at his attempted humiliation of Maseko. 

Pillay has ideologically made himself available as an enforcer of racism. That the eNCA had immediately after the general elections hired him at a senior management level, shows the lengths to which white monopoly capital (WMC) is prepared to go in defending the status quo. 

Pillay, as a muscle for capitalism, had to justify his pay cheque. His nastiness is functional to the role he promised to play and was hired for.

Pillay, as someone of Indian descent, could have chosen the black side and helped fight for black liberation like many before him, such as Strini Moodley and the likes of Imraan Moosa. He instead chose the role of being a junior brutal enforcer of oppression. 

He seems to have cultivated himself for this role well.

His disdain for Africans is palpable. This I know first hand. 

Hiring this self declared hater of Africans, tells us more about the attitude towards Africans held by the eNCA. Pillay is indeed the model employee for the private broadcaster. In a word, Pillay and eNCA deserve each other.

* Andile Mngxitama is the president of the Black First Land First. 

** The views expressed herein are not necessarily those of Independent Media.

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