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Esther Passaris Explains Why God is a Woman


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Nairobi Woman Representative Hon. Esther Passaris has been forced to explain why she believes God is a woman.

Through her twitter account, Passaris disclosed that if she was created in God’s image then God is a woman adding that God has no gender and that everyone can choose how to identify God.

“If I am created in God’s image, then God is a woman. You can choose to identify with God being a man. He, She, Him, Her these are figures of speech. God is the I Am. Omnipresent. Omnipotent. It’s obvious that the writers of the bible whereof a patriarchal foundation. He, Him, His,” she wrote.

This comes after she caused an uproar online when she referred to God using the word Her.

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The woman representative made the remarks while supporting sentiments by Lawyer Donald Kipkorir, who had said that the AIPCA Church had lost course.

“When Mwangi kiunjuri & Moses Kuria abused the president at that funeral in an AIPCA church in limuru, the congregation was cheering …. I don’t know how mourners & churchgoers cheer abuse of a president … have said many times before that AIPCA isn’t a church; it’s a SACCO,” reads part of lawyer’s tweet.

In her reply, Passaris, said that only God could save people as he called on everyone to seek to know God using the word ‘Her’ while referring to God instead of the usual ‘Him’ that is commonly used.

“Hmmm sad that i can relate to this fact. many so-called ‘churches’ are continuing to lose their moral authority to steer us as both worshippers and a country. God and God alone can help us. let us seek Her directly in the quiet of the night. through worship & words. #Godislove,” reads part of Passari’s tweet.



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