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Female CECs gang up against Sonko as police bosses take sides in City Hall’s power struggle

It has now emerged that a section of Nairobi County female CECs have ganged up against embattled Governor Mike Sonko in a bid to control the lucrative Finance docket.

Top on the list is ousted Finance CEC Pauline Kahiga who has refused to vacate the docket even after MCAs stormed City Hall and ejected her from office after Sonko transferred her to the Education and Youth docket. Kahiga was transferred after it emerged that she was using her docket to influence award of lucrative tenders to her mother and their family firm, Nanku Limited, were her mum Nancy Wanjiku Kahiga is a sole Director.

Nanku Limited has already been flagged by the Auditor General for conflict of interest especially at City Hall where Pauline Kahiga has been awarding tenders and influencing payments courtesy of her position.

Pauline Kahiga has the support of Agriculture CEC Winnie Gathangu who is a second wife of police boss Munga Nyale. Nyale is a former Anti-Terror police boss, but he was recently appointed the Principal Assistant to Inspector General of Police.

The two female CECs courtesy of Nyale have now taken over operations at City Hall complete with outsourced GSU officers assigned to them by Nyale. Kahiga and Gathangu have also flexed their muscles by transferring City Hall’s Head of Security and Compliance Tito Kilonzi who has been moved to police headquarters and replaced with Patrick Mwakio just to frustrate Governor Sonko.

Kilonzi has been transferred just days after he allowed MCAs to eject Kahiga from her office which she has refused to hand over to the new Finance CEC Allan Igambi.

According to sources at City Hall, Kahiga, Gathangu, Nyale and Speaker Beatrice Elachi have now ganged up to influence payment of pending bills with majority of their family members and friends lined up for payment of billions of shillings. Nyale who normally frequents his second wife’s office at City Hall has provided personal security to Kahiga and Gathangu as they intensify their wars against Sonko.

President Uhuru Kenyatta’s distant relative, popular known as Pepe who was recently barred from State House after he allegedly conned businessmen on the pretext of linking them to the President, has also joined the dirty wars at City Hall. Pepe has now ganged up with Pauline Kahiga who normally claims she’s a relative of the Kenyatta’s to influence payment of pending bills.

According to our source, Pepe, Nyale, Kahiga and Gathangu have now hatched a plot to ensure they pay cowboy contractors at City Hall who are demanding payments amounting to billions of shillings despite some of them being suspicious pending bills. Kahiga recently paid her mother Nancy Wanjiku of Nanku Company millions of shillings and it’s believed more payments are being made illegally to the company.

Sources at City Hall indicate Sonko has vowed to discipline the two renegade female CECs and ensure Kahiga hands over the Finance docket to Allan Igambi who is currently the Trade CEC.

According to the County Government Act, section 31 under the powers of the Governor, the County boss may dismiss a CEC at any time, if the Governor considers that it’s appropriate or necessary to do so or if required to do so by a resolution of the county Assembly.


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