Gabrielle Union, Orlando Jones: Same nightmare

Gabrielle Union and Orlando: fired by same company

Gabrielle Union now has a person who has had the same nasty experience she had being fired from America’s Got Talent show.

He is Actor Orlando Jones, who has also been fired from the third season of American Gods, which is produced by Fremantle, the same production company behind America’s Got Talent.

Jones, 51, posted a video message on Twitter Saturday sharply criticising the new American Gods showrunner Charles Eglee for his decision to axe Jones’ character Mr. Nancy.

The actor said he was fired on Sept. 10.

“There will be no more Mr. Nancy. Don’t let these motherf—ers tell you they love Mr. Nancy. They don’t,” Jones says in the video. “I’m not going to name names but the new season three showrunner is Connecticut-born and Yale-educated, so he’s very smart and he thinks that Mr. Nancy’s angry, get s— done is the wrong message for black America.”

In a follow-up tweet, Jones wrote that Fremantle, the production company behind both American Gods and America’s Got Talent, “is a nightmare.”

“They treated you like a 2nd class citizen for doing your job [too] well,” he wrote, tagging Union, as well as former America’s Got Talent judges and hosts Nick Cannon, Mel B and Heidi Klum.

“They were exceptionally nasty and evil the way they did it,” Jones added in a third tweet.

Union responded to Jones’ tweet, writing, “Ohhhhhhhhhhh 👀🤔🤨 let’s chat my friend. #StrongerTogether.”

Union was also recently fired from America’s Got Talent following her concerns over alleged racial insensitivity and a toxic culture at the show.

According to People Magazine, Fremantle released a response to EW, stating that Jones’ character was not “picked up” due to race.

“The storylines of American Gods have continually shifted and evolved to reflect the complex mythology of the source material. Mr. Jones’ option was not picked up because Mr. Nancy, among other characters, is not featured in the portion of the book we are focusing on within season three,” the statement read. “Several new characters, many of which have already been announced, will be introduced into Shadow Moon’s world that will further contribute to the show’s legacy as one of the most diverse series on television.”

“That’s right,” Jones says in his video. “This white man sits in that decision-making chair and I’m sure he has many black BFFs who are his advisors and made it clear to him that if he did not get rid of that angry god Mr. Nancy he’d start a Denmark Vesey uprising in this country. I mean, what else could it be?”

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