Has Hip-Hop Left Nigeria?

Has Hip-Hop Left Nigeria?

Has Hip-Hop Left Nigeria?

Has Hip-Hop Left Nigeria?: Most Nigerian Hip-Hop lovers are anxious to know what happened to the status of Hip-Hop in Nigeria. Why did it become almost obsolete? Has it become obsolete? Is Hip-Hop still existing in Nigeria? Has Hip-Hop left Nigeria?

Before we go into answering these questions, it is necessary that we give a brief definition of Hip-Hop to enable us to understand it and where it’s coming from, and how far it has gone.

Hip-Hop is an art movement created by African-Americans, Latino-Americans, and Caribbean-Americans in the 1970s in the Bronx of the state of New York. It is characterized by 9 elements but only 4 are fundamental to the growth of Hip-Hop musically. The basic four are – Rapping, DJing, Break dancing and Graffiti.

Hip-Hop has undergone so many changes over the years. It has moved from being the sounds from DJs at neighborhood parties to a voice for the people. It left the Bronx and traveled around the world and every culture that took a piece of it, making it unique in their own style. When it came into Nigeria, a country with multiple languages, everyone took a bite out of this huge Hip-Hop cake and made it into a culture and a movement that was worth following till this present day.

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