How To Watch DStv on Your Laptop

How to watch DStv on a laptop

Despite the emergence of many streaming options like Netflix, Showmax and Prime Video, DStv is still an indispensable product, owing to its large catalogue of unique local content, and its unrivalled sport offerings.

In South Africa, DStv is still the only place you can find local football and also the hugely popular English Premier League. That is also the case in most African countries.

However, it is not always that we are at home seated behind a television set. Occasionally, you might find yourself travelling, in a hotel room or simply without access to a TV set with a DStv package.

Does that however mean you cannot enjoy your favourite sport? Of course not.

For several years now, DStv has offered the option of streaming content through their app or website. This means you can watch Arsenal go head to head with Manchester United on your phone, tablet or laptop.

How To Watch DStv on a laptop

To access DStv now on a laptop, you first and foremost need a DStv subscription. At the moment, they do not have a standalone streaming only package (but that may change in 2020).

What that means is you will have to pay for a traditional satellite package and then use those logins to access on your laptop.

This is through the DStv Now app or website.

On a laptop, type in on your browser. Here you can sign up or sign in with your details. Just like you would find on Netflix, you will find different profiles for different users. Up to 4 profiles can be added.

Once you enter with your profile, you will find several options including Live TV, Catch up, TV Guide etc.

Live TV is where you want to be if you are looking for live sporting events or other channels as they are being broadcast at that moment. Here you will find a list of all the channels offered in the package you are subscribed to.

Under Catch up, you will find the latest episodes from select TV shows. These ones are only available for a few weeks before they are removed from the platform. Catch up is designed to help those who follow a particular show but were unavailable during the airing of the last episode.

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Can you download DStv Now shows on a laptop?

Unfortunately, you cannot download DStv Now shows on a laptop or computer. You only have the option to watch them directly, meaning you will need to have a continuous internet connection for the duration of your watch.

How To Watch DStv on a phone

It is more convenient to watch DStv on a phone or tablet than on a laptop, because they have an easy to use app. On Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store, search for DStv Now and sign in with your details.

The interface is exactly as the web version and hence should be pretty easy to navigate.

As mentioned, DStv allows downloading of shows onto your mobile device. Up to 25 shows or movies can be downloaded to a device; more than enough for that long commute or camping trip.

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