I need your product so my clients can pay me – Yahoo boy begs Jaruma [Photo]

Popular sex therapist Jaruma , has gone on her page to addresss share an interesting message she received from a ‘Yahoo boy’.

The self confessed fraudster had asked for her products that would make his victims pay him.

He had gone on to ask for more products that would make the wives of senators to find him irresistible.

Jaruma’s products have gained a popularity for being charms and concoctions used to ensnare men even though she’s referred to them as aphrodisiacs and the likes.

The diligent yahoo boy had sought to use this to his advantage. It’s unclear if he’ll succeed in his search for work lessening charms but Jaruma doesn’t seem keen on providing it for him.

In other news, BDC operator Ismaila Mustapha aka mompa has been released from custody of the EFCC after he perfected his bail terms following his arrest on crimes relating to internet fraud and money laundering

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