Pinto Ferreira’s “I See You” tackles mental health. Picture: Supplied

World renowned South African choreographer, dance teacher and artistic director Pinto Ferreira’s latest production “I See You” shines the spotlight on a mental condition, Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), formerly known as multiple personality disorder. 

“I See You” follows the compelling story of Woman, a damsel in distress. Woman endured “unimaginable cruelty” as a child. 

Her father molested her. He also abused her physically and psychologically. And now, in order to shield herself from her painful past, Woman embodies a number of diverse personalities.

The personalities include a middle aged cabaret star, a 4-year-old German girl and a rabbit.

As the story unfolds, audiences journey into Woman’s world as she meets Dr Bernstein, the psychiatrist who is treating her at a mental institution. He had been trying traditional methods of treatment for a while and nothing seems to work.