I Sometimes Still Miss You, But I Don’t Regret You Finally Leaving

I do sometimes miss you, but I don’t regret you finally leaving.

At least once every day, I go back to that day three months ago when you decided to end our relationship. When you decided to end us because you met someone else. You decided you did not want me in your life anymore and you left me with only so much as a hurtful explanation.

We both know that I deserved better. Yet I can’t seem to make myself actually realize that. All my friends tell me I deserve better and that you were toxic in so many ways. Yet I fell for you and it hurt when you left. It hurt so much that I didn’t know if I could be myself again. I was devastated; I was lost and I felt broken. I felt insecure. I felt pain that I had never felt before.

But you know what I realized along the way? I realized I forgot my self-esteem and my self-worth when I was with you. I knew you were all sorts of wrong, but I forgot who I was.

So you might have left, and you might have given me pain, but look at me surviving without you when I once thought that it was impossible to not have you in my life. Look at me growing without you.

I do sometimes miss you, but do not even for a second try to come back. Do not for a second think that I cannot live without you. It is without a doubt completely your loss. I know I’m worth so much more and never again will I let myself believe otherwise.

Be kind to your new girlfriend and never leave her grasping for even an ounce of your attention like I did. Make her happy and be there for her through all her bad times. Be good to her because I’m sure she deserves love too.

To you and to the good memories we once shared, I’ll always remember you as the person who taught me to love myself and to realize my own worth. To know it’s okay to make mistakes and be with the wrong people, it only gets you closer to meeting the right people.

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