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I Was in Debt For Over Two Years

Gospel musician Christina Shusho has recounted a trying period in her life when she was deep in debt between 2016 and 2018.

Speaking on her new YouTube channel, Reli, the Tanzania singer said she fell into debt after buying two parcels of land as she wanted to build a house.

“It was my dream to have a house, one with a swimming pool, in Mikocheni, Tanzania. The seller quoted a very expensive price. I told her I couldn’t (afford it), so she showed me another house that was being occupied by a pastor,” she said.

“I spoke to the pastor’s wife and she said they were ready to leave. We spoke to the sellers and the amount that I had in my bank was exactly what they wanted. I came with the money the following day in cash. I gave them and they gave me their papers. When the pastor saw that, he thought I had money.”

They agreed she would pay the remaining amount in installments.

“My life changed from there. What I used to get, I would give it to the pastor to finish my debt. My life totally changed. The pastor was really stubborn and at the time, I was not picking his calls,” she said.

“I finished the payment and the pastor left. I wanted to rent the house out. That was in 2017. I looked for another plot and I purchased it. Between 2016 and 2018, I lived a life of paying debts. Debts of things that I didn’t know what I wanted to do with.”

In 2017, Shusho was dealt another blow after her brother died.

“He was always pushing me. After his passing, I found myself alone.

“It was a moment where I couldn’t go forward or behind. I wanted to sell the property but I thought who was going to buy in such an area? I felt like it was a shame,” she said.

Shusho said she turned to prayer and has since settled the debts.

“I remember crying because, for three years, it was a troubling experience. I couldn’t even contribute for weddings and people gave me names. They didn’t know my situation. I was getting money but I was in debt.

“When I finished the debts, my income tripled,” she said.

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