Inmate David Sheppard released after 27 years in prison following Kim Kardashian’s push for his release

Reality star, Kim Kardashian West request that Pennsylvania man, David Sheppard is released after his life sentence was commuted, has been granted.

David Sheppard was granted clemency for his role in a deadly robbery, but his release was not without controversy.

Mr.Sheppard was one of four men convicted for his role in the robbery and murder of pharmacy owner Thomas Brannan in Overbrook in 1992. The 54-year-old West Philadelphia father of five served 27 years for his role in a deadly shooting and robbery of Overbrook pharmacist Thomas Brannan.

Sheppard was not the shooter but was serving life for second-degree felony murder.

Last Wednesday, Pennsylvania’s Board of Pardons and the governor approved his release, but it hit a snag. Outgoing Delaware County Republican District Attorney Kat Copeland filed a detainer over his failure to appear at court for a 1992 stolen jeans case.

Sheppard was charged for stealing five pairs of jeans from a now closed clothing store in Springfield.

At Sheppard’s bail hearing on Monday, a judge released Sheppard on his own personal recognizance, but he still has to report to a halfway house.

“How do you a hold man in prison as a result of a theft from 30 years ago? She just took advantage of an opportunity,” David Sheppard said.

Last Friday, Governor Tom Wolf commuted his life sentence; before his release could be finalized.

On Tuesday morning (Dec. 10), David Sheppard left the SCI Phoenix accompanied by his family members.

“God is good, God delivered his promises. Holding to his promises, and he prevailed,” exclaimed Sheppard.

“Sleepless. Sleepless. There was no sleep happening. Until after court. I finally got to sleep last night,” Sheppard said.

He continued, “I got some sleep because the nonsense was over with; 30-year-old retail theft was over with. Ridiculous.”

On what he wants to do next after spending 27 years in prison, Sheppard told reporters: “Get something to eat and learn how to work a cell phone because I don’t have a clue.”


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