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‘Josh Started Being Insecure’ – Chepchumba Spills the Beans on her Breakup with Ex-TPF Singer

Former bedfellows, musician Joshua Simani alias MANiO of the Afro-pop group Amos&Josh and TV producer Merlyne Chepchumba Cherus no longer see eye to eye.

Last month, we gave you all the indicators that the couple had gone their separate ways –  Trouble in Paradise? Singer Josh and TV Girl Chepchumba “Go Separate Ways”.

And now, the pair has confirmed our suspicions, with Chepchumba, making some damning allegations against the former Tusker Project Fame contestant.

“There was a time I was going nuts until it dawned on me that I have to be strong for my baby. I had to be strong by whatever means but for now, I have moved on. I have healed and had to involve my family and friends so much,” she said.

“Yes, Josh and I broke up like three months now. Being a single mum is amazing since I get to enjoy my own space. Furthermore, my parents separated when I was barely 13 years and my mum took over the parenting mantle. So I don’t consider this an issue, I probably am following her footsteps,” she added.

‘Josh Thought I Was Cheating’

According to the ‘Malezi Bora’ host, they had endless fights over personal differences and they finally called it quits, with ‘Chep’ moving out of their home.

“I would say in my line of duty I meet all sorts of people and this led to issues in our relationship. Remember we also met on TV when he came for an interview at our offices. He started being insecure with the people I work with. He thought I was cheating on him with my colleagues then narrowed the allegations to a particular DJ that I personally don’t think is my type. But if the allegations were true I would gladly cheat with someone who wants to build an empire with me,” she stated.

Josh and Chepchumba had been together for three years during which time they were blessed with a daughter, one-year-old Anaya Tilil Simani.

“To begin with, the daughter is also his so I can’t deny him his baby. We are still trying to figure out how to go about it but as she remains the only link we got we have to keep her going,” Chep said.

Does she have any regrets perhaps?

“I have no regrets about anything but given a chance, one thing I would do differently is date and probably marry a man with the same vision as I do. I am willing to build an empire regardless of my well-off background, which probably intimidated the other one. I’ll do anything as long as the vision is there,” she said.

On his part, Josh said:  “Currently I am finishing up on my album. I have a collaborative project coming out called Trouble dropping soon. Insecurity was never an issue on my side.

“There were other underlying concerns all along but I would not like to get into details why it didn’t work. All I can say is it was a long time coming. I am aware of my responsibilities and I handle them pretty well. All said and done it is about my daughter’s future now.”

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