Laura Ikeji In Promise And Fail Scandal

Laura Kanu

Brand influencer and businesswoman, Laura Ikeji is a vibe and her smile is very contagious. She’s a smooth talker and very good at what she does.

The beauty who is pregnant with her second child has been called out over a promise and fail scandal involving a certain young lady with the name, ‘Desire’.

It was alleged that Desire was involved in a gas explosion accident last year and took to social media to solicit help to enable her to get better.

A blogger on IG, Xoxomysterypage used her platform to raise over a million naira to assist ‘Desire’ for her medical bills and when the young lady was out, she had allegedly written an appreciation post appreciating those donated money for her.

The same day, Laura had promised the young lady heaven and earth including a friendship with the opportunity to travel the world with her and shower her with money and gifts.

This elated the young lady who couldn’t curtail her excitement but sadly none of the promises were fulfilled and to make matters worse, Laura is said to have been avoiding messages from the lady.

Pained by the deceit of Laura Ikeji, IG blogger, Xoxomysterypage who is directly linked to the case, called out the brand-influencer to fulfill her promises.

“My anger today is on Laura Ikeji cos she is very FRAUDULENT .. Why are these shameless Nigerian celebrities full of scam and lies? Why Why do they keep using poor Nigerians to seek selfish publicity! Why?? Smh…….. The fakeness in most of our Nigerian celebrities no get part 2, it is becoming Alarming and we must not keep Quiet!!!”

“Do you guys remember desire Some girl we used our platform to raise over A million naira for last year June after she had a gas explosion accident that almost takes her life? God might have it! This girl survived and wrote a huge Thank You message to everyone who helped her survive on Instagram. I saw it and liked it, thanking God with her.”

“It wasn’t up to 30 mins, the next thing, I saw her picture on Laura Ikeji’s wall… with captions of how she would make her, her best friend, get her a job and travel all over the world with her. The poor girl was so happy.”

“Her joy was overboard… she couldn’t contain it, as she called me and was just screaming, in my own little space I was happy for the poor child, finally, God has heard our prayers. My people days have passed, weeks have passed and we have still not heard a word from this lady.”

“She doesn’t reply to Instagram messages, and One kobo we have not seen from her(audio) The Proposed people who would have helped this child. Relaxed hoping that she already has gotten help from LAURA. When this girl was sick, I knew how much Laura’s sister Linda Ikeji gave to us to support the money we already have! Laura why are you like this? This is wickedness! Why will you bring this child’s hope so high and dash it away just like that! Why? Why?”
Despite been called out by this popular Blogger, a situation that has generated different conversations online, Laura is yet to say anything or make any effort in clearing her name.



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