Love Island 2020 Villa Photos

Love Island 2020 Villa garden

We’re used to heading over to Majorca to see our sexy singles cracking on and mugging off, but the winter helping of Love Island will be different from the start as we’re heading to a brand new villa in a brand new location.

Below is everything you need to know about the new setting for Winter Love Island;

Where is Winter Love Island filmed?

For series six, we’re heading over to Eagles Nest in Cape Town, South Africa to see our new Love Island contestants cracking on in a brand new villa.

Three stories high, the new villa boasts several exciting new features such as a boys’ dressing room, where the first time the lads will have their very own space to get ready in the evenings, a bigger bathroom complete with bath and twin showers – and ‘a dog house’.

Don’t be fooled into thinking we will see Islanders of the canine variety – the brand new feature is a pull-out bed by the front door that we can imagine some of our singletons will be forced to sleep should they not get on with their partner.

As always, our South African villa features its own Hideaway, which has been given a ‘vibey’ make-over for series six. Complete with deluxe double bed, the Hideaway is home to a hot tub, an outdoor shower and another secret compartment…

Outside in the garden, our villa boasts two look out points overseeing the action, with a slightly bigger fire pit to fit in more contestants – meaning we may see more Islanders than ever before…

Check out more photos of the villa below;

Love Island 2020 Villa garden photo
Love Island 2020 Villa living room
Love Island 2020 Villa Hideaway
Love Island 2020 Villa dog house
Love Island 2020 Villa bathroom

With the villa being so spacious, we’re predicting far more drama, action and cracking on for Love Island series six.

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