Isandlwana Battle Musical Lecture. Picture: Supplied

Musician, historian and heritage enthusiast, Mbuso Khoza, kicks off 2020 on a high note with the return of the second edition of the “Isandlwana Battle Musical Lecture”. The production looks at how the mighty British army suffered humiliation at the hands of Zulu warriors just over 140 years ago.

Accompanied by the “Afrikan Heritage Ensemble”, a 16-member a cappella group, Khoza will again bring to life the true life-events of the Anglo-Zulu War, through narration, song and dance.

The “Isandlwana Battle Musical Lecture” sees Khoza presenting not only a gripping picture of the pressures of a war that drove both sides to a terrifying and bloody confrontation, but a definitive history of the battle that has shaped the political fortunes of the Zulu people and the entire African population.

Commenting on the show, Khoza, the writer and the creative director, said the family show was one of its kind. “There’s nothing vulgar, there’s no violence. It’s music that is well presented with a proper and well researched narration for each song,” he said.

“The story is clear: the English wanted to colonise us and we wanted to protect our land and heritage. The show is not about who stabbed who, or who shot who during that historical moment that you can read of on the internet. Through this lecture, I will be articulating particular aspects that you can take as lessons in the modern day. We want our people to understand what constitutes their philosophies as Africans.”