Meet Wizkid’s Adorable Kids


Balogun Ayodeji Ibrahim popularly known as Wizkid needs no introduction.

Arguably Nigeria’s most paid artist at the moment, Wizkid has sold out venues American artists can only hope to sell out one day.

As with celebrities across the globe, Wizkid is no stranger to babaymamas and kids. In fact, it is a well-known fact that he doesn’t joke with his kids. He also is no stranger to babymama drama. Not once has one of his babaymama taken to social media to call him out for one thing or the other.

So the question then becomes, who are Wizkid’s kids? What do they look like and what are their daily lives like?

Boluwatife Balogun is the first son of the celebrity father. Much like his father, Boluwatife has already started creating a niche for himself in the entertainment industry.

Although, Boluwatife seems a bit faster than his father as he became a CEO of his own clothing line, at age 7. The young CEO who clocked eight recently has been seen couple of times going for concerts with his father whom he looks so much like.

The lad definitely has a lot up his sleeves and we cannot but wait for him to explore. The sky is definitely his starting point.

In 2016, Wizkid had another baby by an American model named Binta Diallo.

Binta had to get a DNA test done before Wizkid could accept the pregnancy. As with such things, when she opened up that she’s pregnant for the artist, his fans had a field day attacking her and calling her all sorts of name, saying she is a gold digger. In the end, Wizkid claimed paternity, and the rest, they say, is history.

Ayodeji Balogun is named after his father, he is the second son of his father and we cannot but agree that the cute lad is very adorable and a big fashionista just like his celebrity father.

AyodejiBalogun is quite young yet his father has started making waves with him as he gushes over his pictures on the internet and even has his name tattooed on his body.

The third and last son of Wizkid is from his manager, Jada Pollock, we definitely did not see this coming because we all assumed their relationship was business oriented until they came to shock us with the birth of Zion.

Jade Pollock who is quite older than the celebrity had little paternity issues as even before Wizkid’s fans should come for her, she had her facts and was ready to fight for her son’s paternity.

Zion Balogun was born in November 2017 and has started making waves on his Instagram account which is managed by his mother. The adorable lad who looks like his pretty mum has got fans crushing on his Instagram page and his father has not seized from posting his pictures on his social media accounts.

Wizkid is definitely a proud father of three as he as the names of his three sons tattooed on his body, we however wish him luck and prays he marries one of his baby mama’s soon.

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