Nonhle Jali Apologizes To Husband Andile After Humiliating Him

Nonhle Jali Apologizes To Husband Andile After Humiliating Him On Instagram Live! The Jalis have been doing the most this week on social media and it’s all very cringe-worthy.

First it was Andile who out of the blue decided to clap back at all of his 2019 haters and now its Nonhle doing damage control after she called Andile a “skoroplap”. Nonhle did a LIVE on Instagram in which she wasn’t speaking very kindly about her husband Andile who was sitting next to her.

After the recorded live went viral and made its way to black twitter, most tweeps were not impressed by her words and she was forced to make an apology. Nonhle said it wasn’t that serious as Instagram is just for fun. Read her full statement below.

“I’d like to apologize to the father of my children for the live video that has gone viral that was recorded in his presence, jokingly so. Those that were part of the live can attest that I was playing and he was having a good laugh, it was just having harmless fun. I do agree that it was in poor taste and not well received by the masses. I apologize to those that were offended by it. I t was not my intention. What was said in the video is not a true reflection of events. He also jokingly says the same and we just tease each other about it. I did different videos about different subjects for humor and unfortunately it wasn’t well received. Apologies to my family, apologies to my followers, this will never happen again. I think if it was done by someone else it would have been received differently. I’m terribly sorry to everyone that I offended.”

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