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Prince Kaybee Opens Up About Being Broke and Staying at His Girlfriend’s House


Prince Kaybee

The discussion about whether women should date broke men is not going anywhere any time soon. In our world today, it is an unwritten rule that men are supposed to take care of their women, not the other way round.

However, the reality on the ground is not always what is portrayed on social media. Many relationships have the woman playing this role. It is taboo and therefore not spoken about a lot.

One lady took her frustrations to Twitter after having enough. She narrated the ‘ordeal’ she went through last year during a period she dated a broke man. One of the unthinkable suffering she went through was paying her own Uber fare.

“I was in a relationship with a broke mans last year, I had to uber myself to and from his place and he didn’t even offer me food, so I’d sometimes arrive with takeaways to his place and we’d watch movies on his laptop all day. Being a “Cool girl” is rubbish. Fuck that.”

Music producer Prince Kaybee happened to see this tweet and immediately related to it. Not because he dated a broke man, but because he was the broke man.

It was even worse for him because he used to stay at his girl’s place. Kaybee however sounded very grateful and said that he would come through for her anyday, even though they are no longer together.

“Funny because I had the same girlfriend, she used to do the same for me, even worse I was staying at her place, but soon as I got my shit together she was NICELY rewarded. Even today though we not together I don’t see myself not helping her if she reaches out.”

What do you think about this. Is a man allowed to be broke in a relationship?

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