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Public Interest Forces Andrew Kibe to Postpone Celebrity Auction For Kid’s Toilets in Lang’ata

“Kumbe people give a sh*t…”

These were the punny words of Andrew Kibe after he was surprised that members of public had shown overwhelming interest in his noble initiative to give kids better toilets in Nairobi.

On Wednesday, December 11, the Kiss FM radio presenter was set to bring Kenyan celebrities together at an auction to help raise funds for his cause. He has since had to postpone the action due to overwhelming public interest.

“Due to super public interest, we have postponed the celebrity auction by a week to give everyone who wants to contribute a chance to. Kumbe people give a shit…who would have thought huh!!! Thanks for all who have come thru thus far and you better believe it we are doing bigger and better,” said Kibe on Tuesday.

Kibe got the auction idea about two years ago after visiting his son’s school at Lang’ata West Primary and finding the toilets in bad condition.

“I decided to do something but I didn’t have the ability to do it at the time. So I waited for like two years and now I can make things happen,” he said.

“The problem is always starting. It has taken me two years to do this. A week ago, we decided to just do it because we have been procrastinating for too long,” he said.

“I brought together celebrities to give me their items to sort out my son’s school. We are auctioning the items to people who need them and we can use the money to sort out the toilets. There are 225 toilets in this county.”

“We shall have an hour of auctioning at Blu Bistro and on all social media platforms. I was also overwhelmed by Quick Mart for supplying a whole year of tissue paper to the school.”

According to Kibe, the auction is his way of giving back to the community.

“When you go to a toilet and find it dirty, you leave there feeling worse because you have not been treated with dignity. These kids need to be treated with dignity. They should go to a toilet that has lighting, tissue paper, soap and water.”

Already, a host of celebrities have contributed including Kamene Goro, J Blessing, Churchill, Maina Kageni, comedians Jalang’o and Dr Ofweneke, Governor Hassan Joho, Njugush, Collins Injera, Pascal Tokodi, and others.

Below is a video of the items Andrew Kibe received from Churchill and J Blessing.


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