Quirky interview tips guaranteed to help you land that dream job this January

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It’s a new year and we’ll bet you’re on the hunt for a career switch-up, right? A job interview is one of the most daunting experiences you’ll ever be faced with, but what if you were armed with some fail-safe tips that would ensure you got the job?

Well, dear reader, you’re in luck, because we have ten golden nuggets of advice that are bound to land you your dream job.

Lee Biggins, founder and managing director of CV-Library, and careers expert, John Lees, author of Knockout Interview, have shared the quirky interview tips they are convinced will score you that job.

1. Don’t arrive too early:

You may have long been under the impression that it’s important to arrive well ahead of your interview, but experts say this can actually hinder your chances of success. While you don’t want to be late, arriving too early can catch your interviewer off guard. Aim to arrive ten minutes before the interview is due to start, giving you time to settle in.

2. Work out before your interview:

On the morning of your interview, eat a healthy breakfast and don’t consume too much caffeine. You can combat nerves by exercising – if you have time, of course – as this creates feelings of wellbeing.

3. Wear something memorable:

Whether it’s a funky scarf or a statement necklace, wearing something memorable can help you make a great impression on the interviewer (just don’t be too garish!).

4. Don’t act like a stranger:

Make it look like you already work there; leave your coat, umbrella and bulky bag in reception. Just take a slim folder into the interview room containing the documents you need so you already look like an employee rather than a visitor.

5. Think of something personal to ask at the end:

Don’t just focus on what’s in it for you, a question like ‘what’s your favourite thing about working here?’ can get the interviewer thinking and paint you in a positive light.

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Happy job hunting!

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