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Respect the OG! Celebrities That Khaligraph Has Ever Dissed

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Throwing major shade at another singer via song has been part of the music industry for a really long time.

Diss tracks have become a trend to artists since they often respond to other celebrities’s beef through song.

In Kenya, the self- proclaimed OG rapper Khalighraph Jones has proved to be the king of diss tracks.

Here are some of the celebrities who have faced the wrath of OG.


Khalighraph diss track to Nigerian rapper Blaqbones is the talk of the town after OG  uploaded the track dubbed ‘Best Rapper in Nigeria’ produced by Motif Di Don.

“I’m the best rapper in Nigeria right now. They already crowned the king you should wait for the next season…….They told me not to diss you coz nobody knows you in your city, last time you trended you were in Abuja flashing titties…Don’t ever think you can F*** with Khaligraph Jones.” goes part of the lyrics.

Khaligraph also points out that Nigerian rappers used to be the best rappers in Africa until they started going after fame.

The two rappers have been embroiled in a heated war of words online after Khaligraph Jones was crowned the best Rapper in Africa at the Sound City MVP awards last weekend.


Eric Omondi 

Two years ago, Eric faced the wrath of Khaligraph after he (Eric)  took to the social app “Olla” and commented on Khaligraph’s new Range Rover.

In the diss, Khaligraph spits fire and warns Omondi against crossing his path admonishing him for insinuating that he takes perks from sugar mummies.

Yo, and this one nataka kupatia Erick mi ni psycho utadhani madame wa Nyeri ntakukata transformer ju we ni [email protected]**a mtapeli wasee unafaa kubeef nao ni yule buda wa githeri,” freestyled Khaligraph.



Khaligraph disses everything about Octopizzo from his fake English accent to his fashion sense.

Khaligraph expresses himself through the song about how he feels about Octopizzo. To Khaligraph, “Octopizzo is where he is courtesy of his wife and says that the Number Nane artist was lazy”.


Two years ago, Khaligraph took on Nyashinki during his performance, he dissed Nyashinki saying he is on top of the rap game, even asked the crowd to compare his performance to Nyashinki.

His performance was immediately followed by Nyashinki who downplayed the exchange and instead gave a thrilling performance.


Papa Jones dropped a diss track to Jala after he offered the egoistic Khaligraph a thorough lecture, urging the rapper to actually reach out to Octopizzo and other Kenyan rappers if indeed his intentions were pure.

“Why are you sharing on this platform (Instagram)? We want to see you share a stage, period. The rest is simply noise. We need to see a mic on Octopizzo’s hand and a mic on your hand then we decide who is the real king in the country,” Jalas challenged.



Two years ago, rapper Khaligraph Jones went ham on socialite Vera Sidika in his latest diss track.

The rapper, who has been trending for two weeks over his lightened face, attacked Sidika’s “silicon rear and breast implants”.





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