Green Day preforms at the 2019 Game Awards in Los Angeles. Photo for The Washington Post by Chloe Aftel

More than 45.2 million livestreams displayed the real-time action from The Game Awards earlier this month. 

The figure marks a 73 percent increase for the annual awards show, and demonstrates the continuing rise in interest around the world of video games.

Viewership of livestreams is calculated differently than TV ratings, with the former counted by the number of streams open anywhere on the Internet, regardless of whether there’s an active viewer on the other end or it’s playing in a pop-up module on a background browser tab. It is also gathered from a global, rather than national audience. 

As such, you can’t compare The Game Awards to an event like The Academy Awards, which this year attracted 29.6 million viewers, according to Nielsen. Regardless, the 6-year-old video game awards show continues to ascend in popularity, as does the medium the show celebrates, and in the process supplying several innovative and entertaining stunts.

Show creator Geoff Keighley doesn’t mention the Oscars at all when considering the viewership numbers. Instead, he calls the figures “exciting but a little daunting.”