Singer Ykee Benda celebrates ex girlfriend’s birthday

Last year, singer Wycliffe Tugume alias Ykee Benda informed the public that he and his longtime girlfriend Julie Batenga had gone separate ways.

He cried out his heart, wished Batenga all the best in her new love life and also revealed how she had been been a special person to him, even when the two had failed to make things right in their relationship.

By the time the singer announced their separation on his social media platforms, he had already made a kukyala at Julie Batenga’s home in Mukono.

This is something that meant that the Farmer
singer was set to make things official.
Ever since the two separated, Ykee Benda has always reminded everyone on how he is single, not seraching and doing music.

This gave a chance to slay queens to crush on the singer, something that he himself has always bragged about.

The biggest shocker is when rumour had it that Julie was pregnant for Ykee Benda early this year.

However, Ykee Benda did not respond to journalists questions about the issue.

The next we heard, Batenga had given birth to a baby boy and Ykee Benda was already celebrating. The singer named his son Dante and left the celebrations at that.

Even when he had a son with Batenga, Ykee Benda has always convinced his crushes and slay queens on how he is still single.

He has always emphasised on how he is
Semyekozo who has the money, but does not wish to get married at any point.

Many where shocked when Ykee Benda poured out his love to the mother of his child on her birthday, promising to love her all the days of his life.

“Mama Dante . Webale kunzalila mwana mulunji . On this special day in your life. Nze ebigambo bimbuuze wabula , I have not met a stronger person than you. Thank you Julie…I wish you all the best things in life mubyoona byokola ne byoyagala Mukama akutelemu obwangu. HAPPY BIRTHDAY….LOVE ALWAYS,” Ykee Benda posted.

This post left many of the women grumbling on his page, claiming on how he has always assured them that he is a single man.

“Kale I have crushed on you for all this time thinking you are single,” Patricia Mandi revealed.

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