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Sonko is going nowhere, may be deputy prime minister in charge of devolution

By Peter Amunga

During our times at Kenyatta University in the early 90s, we found ourselves doing the same unit with renowned columnist KWENDO OPANGA. We are the only 2 students that year who got straight ‘A’s in the unit called ‘History of political ideas’ taught by Prof Bathwell Ogot, who during our graduadion said… “I now give you power to go and educate Kenyans on political power, shenanigans and systems.”

Let me try remembering what he said and how it applies to Sonko.

The System:
A system that allows a character like Sonko to rise as high as he has done is a system that cannot satisfactorily punish the very Sonko. INFACT. This system cannot punish Sonko or anyone with loads of money. Drug lord Akasha had to be dragged out of Kenya to the USA to face justice. Kenya has no capability to prosecute and jail a lord like Akasha. It is therefore foolish to imagine that Sonko can be jailed, leave alone stay a week in the cells. Here is why.

1. Mike Sonko escaped from jail and rose to be governor:
It can only happen in a failed system of government or state that.. an escaped convict, a known drug baron, a law breaker with no known means of making money, or education can manage to get clearance from DCI. get a certificate of good conduct and run to become MP, Senator and eventually Governor of the Capital City. You should read what the New York Times had to say about this.

2. Represented by the parliamentary watchdog committee to ensure his freedom:
A team of 12 lawyers led by senator Mutula Kilonzo, Kipchumba Murkomen, Nelson Havi, Dan Maanzo & Cecil Miller are representing Mike Sonko in a corruption case? Those names REPRESENT the elite, respected and elected leaders of Kenya. They are gate keepers of the system that runs Kenya. Now.. Just think about this carefully. HOw can he be jailed, with a system, that has sent it’s own gatekeepers to protect him?

Birds of feather
When you see a group of MEMBERS of parliament from both opposition and govt, several Senators who are supposed to be watchdogs of public funds, PA of the Deputy President Mr. Farouk Kibet come in court as defense counsels and in solidarity with a suspected thief who has STOLLEN billions of our money… know that they all eat from the same trough and none will defend Wanjiku. They are a system. It is you and I who is being treated to drama.

Sonko once said.. He got a E in school. But today he employees those who got A s in school.. The like of NELSON Havi and Murkomen. He was mocking the system. He was laughing at our education system. He was saying, even the judge in his case.. Who got an A is his employee. Because of the system we have. Even me Peter Amunga, with the A I got in the unit of History of political ideas, I am subject to the E that Sonko got at form four. . Hii ni kama ndrama ni kama vindeo.. In a failed system all you do is watch the political circus and pay taxes to keep circus and drama going.

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