Spain’s ‘Big brother’ show under fire, after producers made contestant watch her own alleged sexual assault

‘Gran Hermano’, the Spanish equivalent of popular adult themed reality show, Big Brother, has come under fire after one of it’s contestants revealed the show producers recorded her sexual assault and then forced her to watch it over and over, while filming her reaction.

Carlota Prado, said she was sexually abused by Jose Maria Lopez, whom she was in a relationship with on the show, after a night of partying with alcohol provided by the shop producers to the contestants.

Prado, was then shown footage the following day, allegedly showing Lopez taking her to bed as she was very intoxicated and then when he tried to initiate sex, she reportedly said “No I can’t,” before passing out.

Lopez is accused of forcing intercourse with her anyway even though in a BBC interview he denied forcing himself on her.

The following morning, when they both had breakfast together, he explained to her that he simply took care of her the night before after she ‘high’.

Soon after, producers of the show expelled Lopez from the house due to his conduct and also played footage of the alleged incident to Prado while recording her reactions to the alleged incident.

“They allowed him to stay by my side many hours when they had sufficient proof to get him out immediately and then decide what to do with him,” Carlota Prado, the alleged victim said in an interview with El Confidencial, the publication that first obtained the leaked video.

According to her the production staff allowed López, who was also 24 at the time, “to laugh at my face by telling me that he looked after me,”
She added: “I cannot understand how the program allowed this.”

In the video of her reaction that has spread widely on social media, the woman could be seen clearly distraught as she watched the recording.

She then started weeping and buried her face in her hands before she begs to go talk to “her friends out there,” but the show’s staff tells her that she cannot see her friends and should not tell anyone about what happened.

The producers behind the show did not show the footage to anyone else and turned it over to police but people in Spain are criticizing the show producers for not acting faster and for showing her what happened the way they did.

Endemol Shine Group, the company behind the “Big Brother” show, said in a statement to BBC that protocols are in place for these kinds of situations and they were duly handled when “the production team on duty overnight became suspicious of an incident and escalated it to the show’s executive producers.”

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