Flex Rabanyan – Crown (Thumela Freestyle)

Flex Rabanyan – Crown (Thumela Freestyle). Flex Rabanyan drops a brand new EP titled Free Delivery and Crown a Thumela Freestyle is one of the 3 songs off the short EP. Flex Rabayan is staging a comeback in music this year having flag a courier service in Guateng. https://up.fakaza.com/files/2020/02/Flex_Rabanyan_-_Crown_Thumela_Freestyle_.mp3 Flex Rabanyan – Crown (Thumela Freestyle)… Continue reading Flex Rabanyan – Crown (Thumela Freestyle)

Flex Rabanyan – Haka

Flex Rabanyan – Haka. Haka is one of the 3 joints on Flex Rabanyan’s newly released EP titled Free Delivery. The song sees Flex trying to stage a comeback this year having turned his attetion to his delivery business. Slam Haka by Flex Rabanyan down below. https://up.fakaza.com/files/2020/02/Flex_Rabanyan_-_Haka.mp3 Flex Rabanyan – Haka The post Flex Rabanyan… Continue reading Flex Rabanyan – Haka