Tinsel actress, Oluwaseun, sets forth as producer with Ajanaku

Not many actors want to bother about signing movies as producers, as most are contented with grabbing screen roles and interpreting them. But some who have combined acting with production have always maintained that they have done so because they want to tell narratives that they consider close to their hearts.

For Oluwaseun Adelabu, right from when she decided on an acting career in Nollywood, precisely in 2003, she nursed the ambition of producing her own films. From her first screen role in the movie Player to her most recent, Akorede, the philosophy graduate of the University of Lagos had always looked forward to the day she will sit to watch a movie with her name on the end credit as producer.

Indeed that day is finally here, as the Tinsel actress, will tomorrow, host guests at the premiere and private screening of her debut movie titled Ajanaku, as a producer at the Light House Cinema, Yaba, Lagos.

According to Oluwaseun, the movie is a touchy story that centred on sexual molestation (rape) and she explained that she decided to focus on the recurring issue so as to encourage victims to speak out.

She said, “The movie is about a rape victim who kept the issue to herself and didn’t speak out because of the stigmatization and insecurity. I found out that most rape victims feel insecure especially around men. I was almost a victim, as I was almost raped. The culprit was going to use a bottle on me but I defended myself. I have a mark on my hand as a result of it.

“So we are making this movie to encourage people to speak out and to get them to have their confidence back and to get people to love them irrespective. The stigmatization is the reason why most people don’t speak out. So we need to learn to embrace them because it is not their fault that they were raped,” Oluwaseun added.

Directed by notable movie director Muyideen S. Ayinde, Ajanaku, as Oluwaseun revealed features notable Yoruba actors including Muyiwa Ademola, Adeniyi Johnson, and Bimbo Oshin.

The actress cum producer explained that the choice of Yoruba as language for the movie was to get the message across easily. “I feel I will be able to send the message across better in Yoruba. Although we try to infuse English into it but it was sparingly. Yoruba is the best way to get the message to our audience.”

She explained that the premiere on tomorrow is aimed at raising funds for aggressive promotion of the movie. “I am not just producing for producing sake. It has to be a meaningful project and Ajanaku is a meaningful project and a story that is dear to my heart,” she enthused.

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