Twitter user calls Peter Okoye childish and insecure for calling a fan broke

Being in the limelight is no easy feat as it has its effect on the individual. Often times, it either makes them start to feel proud or makes them an object of criticism from fans.

Just recently, Nigerian singer, Peter Okoye of the defunct PSquare music group called a fan broke and said people like him think they have an opinion.

The fan got that response from the singer after he said Mr P is competing with his twin brother, Paul, and should meet him for music advice.

Well, another Twitter user, Kelvin Odanz, has reacted to the exchange between Mr P and the fan. According to him, the singer is insecure and childish for calling the fan broke.

According to Odanz, when a Nigerian celeb has nothing reasonable to say, the go about calling people broke and forget they got rich because of the so called broke fans.

He wrote: “When a Nigerian celebrity has no meaningful response to give after saying something stupid, they proceed to call you broke.

And they forget that they became rich because broke fans buy their music, buy tickets for their shows.

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