Cape Flats icons, Marc Lottering and Salome Damon-Johansen got together to create a lekker summer number. Pictures: Facebook

Cape Town – Two Cape Flats icons got together to create a summer number just in time for the festive season.

When comedian Marc Lottering approached singer Salome Damon-Johansen to collaborate on the song, it was an obvious win for the duo.

Now in the third installment of his comedic Aunty Merle franchise – this one called Aunty Merle – It’s a Girl – at the Baxter Theatre, Lottering says it was “destiny” working with Salome on the song, titled It’s Complicated.

Marc, who penned the lyrics already earlier this year, says: “I was developing the script for the show. I was needing to write a song for a club scene, a nomme that would klop (a song with a great beat).

“It needed to be a song all about celebrating who you are, and reminding others that it is not their prerogative to change who you are.