What’s So Special About BBNaija Star, Mercy?

Over the years, I have always expressed my reservations about the Big Brother Naija reality show. I feel it has a way of putting some certain ill-prepared people in the spotlight. The road to stardom is supposed to be incremental and when attained, there should be a structure to keep the career afloat at least for a long while. As for the reality show, anybody who luckily impresses the judges at the audition might just make it into the house and start gathering thousands of fans based on the drama the person brings to the show. The person might not have any special talent or skills that the fans admire but he/she just finds his/her name in most conversations and the celebrity life begins. This random but fortunate individual might not even have any positive impact on the fans or any iota of intelligence to display. What we mostly get is the possession of ephemeral features like complexion, clothes, stature, looks, boobs, hips, bum and the likes.

With due respect to the Owerri queen, I think Mercy Eke falls within the category of people with no special attributes. Several housemates of her set are also in this class but I feel she is the one in focus today and there is a need to stay on topic.

Mercy wasn’t the most beautiful girl in the house during her time. The aspect of intelligence or intellectual capacity didn’t really favour her too. I can’t remember any unique skills she displayed during contests or games except her acting style which the typical part of the ancient Nollywood shooting back to back low-budget village movies could have found interesting. I mean the films that end up being dumped on Africa Magic and then forced on viewers who have no choice.

Many things weren’t real about Mercy including her accent. She was teased about having an ‘Amerigbo’ accent during the show. It seemed her romance with Ike, the U.S returnee disrupted her accent. She must have tried her to hide her lovely Igbo accent while she also wanted to upgrade to the level of Ike. There was real confusion in there!

Well, I think she had lovely hair and that wasn’t real too. It was more of wigs which almost all women do except those from the Deeper Life family. As for the complexion, Mercy just like Tacha also bleached her skin severely and ruthlessly. When she met Tiwa Savage, she so much admired the singer that she felt like returning to her normal dark skin. I believe a distant throwback picture of Mercy just like the infamous one of Toke Makinwa will be shocking. In fact, there is the high tendency that what she presently looks like might not correspond with her original image on the laptop of Angel Gabriel on the judgement day.

As for her attitude in the house, I see a similarity with that of Tacha despite how she tried to mask her feelings and curtail her behaviours. The few clashes she had with the 39-year-old Omashola showed her real character, especially with the condom saga. Wasn’t it ridiculous and mind-blogging that Mercy wept about Tacha’s disqualification when she was the brain behind it? Deep inside of her heart, she must have heaved a sigh of relief that a major competitor was gone.
I also doubt if her relationship with Ike isn’t one of convenience. She was smart enough to outsmart Ike despite the exposure that the self-acclaimed model had on the streets of America. From day one, she made several attempts to get his Bet9ja coins from him but finally, she succeeded and got herself immunity against eviction. Ike expressed confidence in emptiness and ended up getting evicted. Well, a lot of people will say it’s a game and she played it well, so kudos to her.

The only part of Mercy Nigerians admire was doctored and that’s her derriere. Mercy once confided in Kaffy aka the ‘London Parrot’ that she paid about N2 million for a cosmetic surgery carried out to boost the size of her backside. She would later claim it was real when the show ended. The bum is her selling point and I guess flaunting it was her winning strategy. She came into the house desperately after several failed shots with a faux resume of a video vixen. It seems she only appeared on one music video all her life. She acquired tight clothes that could advertise the bum to the world. I feel it would have been better if the bum carried the doctor’s name to help the medical practitioner’s business because he actually did a fantastic job. Mercy seized every opportunity to twerk and the Saturday night party sessions gave her clear opportunities to shine. The shine was so blinding that she nicknamed herself the ‘queen of the highlights’. It wasn’t as if she had a unique style of body movement, what we saw regularly was bum vibration and a generous girl offering different guys like Ike, Omashola and Tuoyo a chance to touch it. She knew what would grab attention on social media and it worked for her. That bum was a cheat, in fact, it had more fans than some of her colleagues during the show. Even the ace Nigerian music producer, Don Jazzy swallowed his pride and ignored maturity to tweet about Mercy’s behind.

Today, the level of fakery has been improved and upgraded. It has moved to fake endorsements and enhanced pictures. If you look at Mercy’s skin in her recent professional pictures, you will conclude that there is a special place in hell for most photographers. One was even daring enough to edit off the tattooed logo of singer Davido from Tacha’s cleavage. The make-up artists who are regular culprits have collaborated with the stylists to produce one of the biggest con jobs in the history of the entertainment industry in Nigeria.

If you look closely, Mercy has nothing to offer rather than uploading pictures that showcase her bum which many are fantasizing about. If you are a big fan of Mercy, I will like to know the first thing that attracted you to her. Please do that with all sense of integrity and honesty.
I guess it doesn’t really matter, the end has justified the means. She won the N30 million prize money attached to the reality show and other fantastic prizes. She is a star today and she is in our faces doing what she does best, showcasing her big bum!


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