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Why CS Matiangi should crash DP Ruto ‘evil’ political network, eliminate corruption and tribalism

The events of the past one week got me thinking of the circumstances we were in a year ago. When I say we, I mean NASA.

There was a time Matiangi was unleashed on us, he sent the police to our houses and places of rest to beat us up. He sent police to teargas us and crush our skulls. The crowning moment of Matiangi campaign of terror was the murder of baby Pendo.

When all these was happening, Ruto called us militia, Murkomen said we were getting what we deserved, Sudi said it was just the beginning and the president congratulated Matiangi for a job well done.

Two years later and the bulldog by the name Matiangi has been unleashed again, this time, he is biting his former compatriots, the ones who called us militia are now demanding for respect and lamenting over mistreatment and frustration.

This is what I have to tell the former “nyama eaters” turned cry babies.

You have not seen half of the things we saw, you have not experienced any of the things we experienced, I say brace yourselves for a very rough ride.

You haven’t been shot at, your children haven’t been murdered in cold blood, your campaign convoy hasn’t been sprayed with hot toxic water, your presidential candidate car hasn’t been fired on and your venue for a rally hasn’t been filled with sewage.

The beast you fed, the dragon whose claws you sharpened, the demon you summoned and force you gave lethal weapons to destroy others is now on your case.

Finally, as you prepare for Matiang’i to take up your case and handle it to the bitter end, let this be a lesson to you, let it remind you never to do to others what you wouldn’t withstand yourself.

It’s your turn on the chopping board, remember to look up and smile a lot.

Smiling helps with the pain!

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