Why I wear big, bold diamond ring-Mercy Johnson (see photos of the diamond ring)

Mercy Johnson Okojie is one of the top Nollywood actresses in Nigeria today and needs no introduction. Her talent and acting skills have placed her on a different level from the rest.

She started acting right after her secondary education; she auditioned for a role in ‘The Maid’ and subsequently acted in other movies that brought her to limelight. In 2009, she won an award for Best Supporting Actress at the 2009 African Movie Award ceremony, and Best Actress award at the 2013 Africa Magic Viewer’s Choice Awards for her role in the comedy movie, ‘Dumebi the Dirty Girl’. In December 2011, she was listed as Google’s most searched Nigerian celebrity, a position she also held in 2012. She is the senior special assistant (SSA) to the Kogi State governor on entertainment, arts and culture. This post took effect from 1 April 2017. She has been married to Prince Odianosen Okojie since 2011 and they have three children.

Mercy loves her family and she’s always proud to show them off to her 7.1 million followers on Instagram. She constantly celebrates her husband and kids at every opportunity she gets and has always said that they are her most prized possessions.

In these days of celebrity marriages ending even before they start, Mercy Johnson is one actress who is making sure that her marriage stands the test of time and keeps waxing stronger. She loves to show how much they love each other through videos, lovely write-ups and posts of their happy marriage.

As a beautiful lady with curves in all the right places, Mercy Johnson is like magnet to men as they can’t resist being attracted to her. So to ward off unwanted advances from men, Mercy devised the best way to keep them from chasing her by wearing a big diamond wedding ring.

You can never see Mercy Johnson in public without this big, beautiful rock on her wedding finger. She brandishes it like a weapon and makes sure it is visible to everyone that meets her.

When asked why she always puts on this particular bold, diamond ring everywhere she goes, she had this to say: “It is real diamonds. They are a girl’s best friend. I know that is it bold because everywhere I go, people keep staring at my hands. I wanted it bold so that in case you say you don’t know that I am married; you won’t say you didn’t see the ring.”
She also enlightened more on what makes her relationship with her husband stronger.” We complement each other. He is very quiet and I am the troublemaker. I think he liked my craziness, even though he likes to have his space. When I try to bring craziness his way and he is not in the mood, I let him be. Naturally, my husband is a very quiet person. He does not like the clout; he does not like to talk.

He can be here all week and you won’t know that he is here. There are things I would do and he would say, “People actually take pictures with you that I am looking at now. They see you outside and will be praising you and all over you for photos’. I mean, I like being myself around him. He likes my craziness and I like his quiet side.” She said.

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