Why is Kizz Daniel so proud?

But is he really proud? At the end of this piece, you will decide.

Since Kizz Daniel burst into the Nigerian music scene in 2014 with hits like Woju and then Mama, he has developed a reputation of being a lone wolf, a character that has been widely criticized by music fans and colleagues. His debut album had no single features and he has somewhat continued that trend with very limited association with other artists in the music industry.

It is not only with his music that Kizz Daniel has been found guilty of secluding himself. There have also been complaints of the singer living a quiet and indoor life, and not really socialising. Nobody knows how many houses he owns, the cars he drives, who he is dating, and so on. He is private and – for all we can see – guards the privacy jealously.

There is a saying that goes “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”. Those who are close to Kizz Daniel will attest to the fact that he is naturally a quiet person who prefers his space and would rather stay indoors than go out. He signed with G-Worldwide in 2014, a label that had a policy of no external features, and sincerely, this was a match made in heaven as it went in perfect tandem with Kizz Daniel’s personality. The system also proved to be flawless as Kizz Daniel not only took Nigerian music by storm, but his album New Era remains one of the best till date.

Kiss Daniel

Kizz Daniel left G-Worldwide and continued to toe the lone-wolf path, and why not, why drop a system that has worked for you all this while, and why change your personality all of a sudden.

There is no harm in a man wanting privacy in his life. No one knows Kizz Daniel more than Kizz Daniel; he knows his strengths, weaknesses and abilities and what suits those abilities.

Kizz Daniel should, as a matter of fact, be commended for finding out early what suits him and sticking to it from the onset, rather than following popular paths. His clear understanding of what is good for himself and his fans has brought him thus far, he has relentlessly churned out hits and has sold out shows all over the world. It is also for this reason that he has waited this long to have a solo show in Lagos when others have had. Kizz Daniel is a man of his own, one who does not follow the crowd and come December 26, he will once again prove that his way is the right way.

And when he does feel like changing his style, hope it is for good reason, and hope it also works for him. We need artistes who make dope music to thrive.

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