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Wives’ delight: Stray lion forces Uasin Gishu men into getting home early

Lion [Photo: Courtesy]

For about four weeks, the presence of a stray lion in Uasin Gishu County had instilled a lot of fear to residents of Moiben Sub-county.

Any movements at night could hype adrenaline levels among residents, who not only feared for their lives, but for their treasured livestock.

But as the fear spread and forced some to change their evening routines, it turned out to be a blessing in disguise for women whose husbands are in the habit of arriving home late.

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A resident whispered to Crazy Monday that some of the locals, including those who brag of their bravery, had changed their evening programmes and could report to their homes as early as 5pm.

For the period the Kenya Wildlife Service rangers and other security agencies have been combing the area in search of the big cat, wives have been a very happy lot.

“Husbands in this area are in the habit of hanging out till late, with some even sleeping in trenches in their drunken stupor. But the presence of the stray lion made them report home very early,” said a certain Cherono, who regretted that KWS had finally captured the animal.

During the month-long nights of terror, the king of the jungle had allegedly mauled some livestock in the area, with it’s presence spreading like bush fire, owing to the importance the community attaches to cows.

This, however, to some women who didn’t own livestock was like mere collateral damage because the presence of the beast served an even bigger purpose.

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So much so that upon the animal’s capture, some woman fell short of hitting the streets to demonstrate, with some expressing disappointment in KWS.

“They would have let it roam free. This was a great deterrent to our men who are in the habit of loitering around the villages and in drinking dens till late. Many had reformed and some were even now controlling their drinking habit,” complained yet another woman, Cherotich.

She said although women were not fetching firewood in the bushes for fear of being mauled, men were equally tamed and punctually arrived home to spend time with their families.

Some men, after a very long time, had allegedly began to once again roar between the sheets and making their women happy!

“We were chatting the other day with a group of women after a chama meeting and one joked that the presence of the stray lion in the area had made her at least get conjugal rights on a regular basis, since her husband was always home early enough,” said Cherotich.

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Just to show how much men in Moiben area celebrated the capture, they are reported to have thrown a busaa party all night long the day KWS announced they had finally gotten hold of the king of the jungle.

Those who sell local brews, too, celebrated, saying they had incurred loses for the weeks the lion kept drunks away at night. 

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