Zodwa Wabantu’s Ben 10 Vusi buys her an expensive Citizen watch

As South Africans woke up this morning to presents under the tree, dancer Zodwa Wabantu has reflected on the most expensive gift she’s ever received.

The star, who suffered heartbreak in 2019 when she called off her wedding at the last minute, said her new boyfriend Vusi often spoils her.

In fact, Vusi once bought her a lannie watch.

What is the most expensive gift you’ve received?

A Citizen watch from my boyfriend, Vusi. It means a lot to me.

Why is Christmas special to you?

It brings families together. We are always on the road, but on Christmas Day I make sure that I spend it with family.

If you received a bad gift would you return it?

I won’t return it, but I will pass it on to the next person.

What is on your Christmas lunch menu?

There’s chicken, pap, dessert, cakes, salads and alcohol.

Out of 10, how fat do you feel after Christmas?

I feel 10 out of 10.


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